Three Piece Outfit Formula + bundle of bonuses by Hanna Donnelly

Three Piece Outfit Formula + bundle of bonuses

What if you could take your outfits..

From so-so to stylish?
From meh to magnificent?
From boring to beautiful?

...All with just a few powerful tweaks that take you under 30 minutes? 

         This DIY Magazine Bundle

..That'll get you outfitting like a stylist. (Just by soaking up the glory of before-and-after outfit examples) 

Sound familiar?

  • You spend hours down the Pinterest rabbit hole trying to figure out new outfits

  • Always feel like something is “missing” when you get dressed so you wear the same boring outfit over and over

  • Have plenty of wardrobe, shoes and accessories but you struggle putting it all together

  • You constantly feel frustrated when it comes to putting outfits together

Imagine how mornings would be easier if you could:
  • Walk out the door confidently & quickly every morning so if you ran into someone you wouldn't be embarrassed but you'd SHINE 
  • Be flooded with compliments and people asking you where you got this and that and that. (You: Oh this ol' thing?) Little do they know you've worn it 10 times before..) 
  • Unleash your creativity and be more stylish 

From blah to compliments-galore: use this formula to be stylish (without looking like you're trying too hard!) Plus bundle of video bonuses

yes, this is exactly what I need!
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Pick out a stylish outfit in seconds & practically get dressed in the dark. 
Plus discover these super stylish bonuses: 

  • Define your style so you can shop like a pro & become a filtering queen so you can save money, time and 
  • 5 easy questions to get rid of the clutter once and for all (ahem, stop dragging piles around!)
  • Discover the magic of fit including the #1 secret to finding the perfect fitting denim EVER 

Ready to go from blah to stylish in under 10 minutes? 
Purchase now $37

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers:

But Hanna, I’m not creative..

You really don’t need to be creative with this formula! I promise you can have zero creativity and barely any time and this formula will WORK!

What if I don’t have enough wardrobe to use this formula?

In my past twelve years as a stylist, I’ve only met two people that I was surprised about when it came to (lack of) wardrobe. They were both minimalists. If you have less than 25 pieces of clothing- this probably wouldn’t be for you.

How can I get an outfit roadmap using my clothing?

That would be Instantly Outfitted– a done for you service using the clothing you already own. 20 mix and match outfits for every occasion.  Instantly Outfitted is a virtual service if you want to reuse items you already own, have head-to-toe outfits at your fingertips and know exactly what to wear.

Will this formula work with all climates?

Yes! I’ve included outfit formula examples for all temperature climates.

Are there key pieces you recommend?

Everyone’s wardrobes are completely different (which is what I love!) So without seeing your full wardrobe, I can’t tell you key pieces you may need. Use this formula to get started and if you need more outfitting help, check out Instantly Outfitted! 


In my 20’s I googled “how to apply blush” and was embarrassed.  It seemed like something I should know, right?

One of my best friends has model-worthy blush. Whenever complimented, she dusted it off like it was no big deal. But to me- it was. I wanted my blush to look like hers.

So I googled it.  While, it seemed like something I “should know” -I’d never been taught in my life.

It was a huge AHA for me about putting together outfits, the #1 struggle I’ve heard over the past twelve years from hundreds of clients.

“I don’t know how to pull it all together. I can’t build outfits. I don’t have anything to wear.” 

You have plenty to wear.  Your closet is probably overloaded.

This formula is your no-fail way to get dressed under 10 minutes every morning.


I’m just a gal with a love for wardrobe and a serious bookworm.

I alternate between business, self-help + empowerment, young love and murder mysteries.

You too? Good. I love working with fellow book crazy people that can get lost in a great story. 

I get to dress you for your multifaceted life.  From CEO-level-ready, date nights or casual lunches with friends. Just like your full bookshelf---your life is full and if you’re anything like me, it’s heavenly. 

My greatest joy (other than reading for hours) is handing you a wardrobe and outfits that takes the stress out of getting dressed and makes you say “That was so easy to look so good!”

Putting together outfits has always come naturally to me (unlike blush). After a lifetime of studying my Grandma Jean and thousands of hours of practice, I’m an outfit pro. Maximum style and minimum effort.

In this style guide, I show you with my three step outfit formula that you too, can become an outfit pro. Yes it’s possible. Deceptively easy.

The three piece outfit formula that never fails: maximum style. minimum effort.

Ready for an easy outfit formula?


5 easy questions

5 easy q's to declutter your closet so you can streamline your wardrobe and reduce stressful what-to-wear decisions!

The Magic of Fit

Before and afters to know if something fits plus the #1 to shop and find the perfect fitting denim every.time.

Why You Need to Know Your Style

Decode and discover your style with this super easy guide-- picture collages included plus brands' to shop per style. 
Imagine you’re going out to dinner tonight for a date night.  You don’t know where you want to go so you decide to pick the genre of food. You pick the genre of food and now you can narrow down the restaurants.  Yay!

Wardrobe is SO similar. Once you have picked out your broader style- everything wardrobe and style related becomes much easier (especially shopping).  
You can hone in on stores and brands, especially when it comes to searching when you have a greater sense of your style.
Defining your style will also come in handy if you ever decide to capsule your own wardrobe.  

Lastly, this guide will give you brands to shop per style and celebrity style inspiration! 

Define Your Style to make your shopping a breeze

Once you've discovered your style, shopping and getting dressed will become a breeze.

Become a filtering queen so when shopping online or in store you can make smarter decisions (ahem, avoid the ol' grab-and-go shopping via Target). 

Plus discover brands that match your style's aesthetic.

Discover the magic of fit

How do you know when something fits and something doesn’t?

 Discover the magic of fit in this guide plus my #1 secret to finding the perfect fitting denim every time. Can you even imagine?   

(I swear this is the only thing you need to know when it comes to finding the perfect fit of denim!)

Do not buy a new pair of denim until you know this secret (soon to become your BFF). 

5 easy questions to a clutter free closet plus the #1 question to ask yourself when you’re stuck

Stuck when it comes to clearing your closet?  Here’s my handy guide to help you clear the clutter.

5 Super Easy Questions to a clutter free closet. 

Including my fan favorite question to ask yourself when you’re stuck in a rut.

Plus your audit pitfalls answered: 

  • Questions like “But Hanna, what if I lose weight?” or 
  • “Hanna, my grandma gave me this. I can’t part with it. Can I?

Bring this guide with you into your closet and work your way easily to a clutter free closet! 

3 Step formula to look stylish daily

What's included?

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