Rich Style. Real Budgets. by Hanna Donnelly

Look the part, without breaking the bank

You know you shouldn't keep buying new dresses for every event...

But you don't know where to begin because you want to look the part and you don't want to wear the same dress. 

Yet, spending the money on a dress you only wear once totally stresses you out.

Imagine if you could look and feel event-ready without breaking the bank..

Imagine if you could look the part, feel like a million bucks and incredibly confident all while saving money. 


Use these guides to discover how to shop like a pro --no matter what your budget. 

Shop for events like:

  • wedding showers
  • weddings
  • special events for work
  • holiday parties
  • engagement parties

You name the party.

 I'm giving away my stylist secrets so you can look the part and not break the bank.  (Or worse buy a dress to only wear once!) 

You don't have to choose between going to the party or buying a new outfit.

These style secrets let you have both.
Less than a Target dress. Skills for life. Buy now for $19

Spend your money where it matters to you.

Discover these clever stylist tricks --so you can look the part --without breaking the bank.  

Whether you want to take those tropical vacations, girlfriend weekend getaways or invest it wisely. 

Spend your money where you want to, sipping Mai Tais on the beach with girlfriends. Not on one-and-done dresses.


Rich Style. Real Budgets.

Discover the exact framework to look stylish while saving money.  

See how I spent $53.00 on a head-to-toe outfit to a luncheon fundraiser at Chicago's top private clubs-- and how you can too. 

Plus: The 1 Minute Makeover

Same dress. Different looks. Learn to change your wardrobe in seconds.

Plus, learn how that staple in your closet is more versatile than you think.

Hi I'm Hanna!

p.s- this outfit cost less than $100
  • Top: Resale Zara $7
  • Pants: Resale Armani $4
  • Belt: my grandma's!
  • Shawl vest: Nordstrom $50

I’m just a gal with a love for wardrobe and a serious bookworm.

I alternate between business, self-help + empowerment, love and murder mysteries.

You too? Good. I love working with fellow book crazy people that can get lost in a great story. 

I get to dress you for your multifaceted life.  From CEO-level-ready, date nights or casual lunches with friends. Just like your bookshelf---your life is full and if you’re anything like me, it’s heavenly. 

My greatest joy (other than reading for hours until my eyes blur) is handing you a wardrobe and outfits that takes the stress out of getting dressed and makes you say “That was so easy to look so good!”

If you like credentials and a bit more background:

Hanna Ashbaugh, owner of Hanna Lee Style, has been a stylist for over a decade and has worked on set of TV commercials and in print advertising for companies like Pepsi, Kraft, McDonald’s, Special K, Derrick Rose and more but now exclusively works one-on-one with private clients and teaches women how to take the stress out of their own wardrobes.

What's included?

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