Instantly Outfitted: 20 Outfits by Hanna Donnelly

Goodbye what-to-wear decision fatigue!

Discover outfits at your fingertips with this convenient and easy service. 

The ultimate wardrobe remix service---all done virtually from the comfort of your home. 

Instantly Outfitted: 20 Outfits

"Hanna reimagined my wardrobe pieces in ways I would have never dreamed!"

Kim L

"I use my outfits almost every day! It truly has made getting ready in the AM effortless!"

Virginia T.

Stylist In Your Back Pocket

Simplify your wardrobe life with this stylist-in-your-back-pocket.  Have complete peace of mind that you have 20 head-to-toe outfits in your back pocket coupled with in-app messaging if you're stuck or need styling help.

 The best part? It’s from clothing you already own and all done from the comfort of your home.

Never again think about what to wear

Eliminate what to wear decision fatigue once and for all with this done-for-you virtual outfitting service. 

Hanna, this sounds too good to be true, what gives?

Nothing gives!   It's a one time 2-6 hour time investment depending on how big your closet is.  

If you are choosing the singular Instantly Outfitted session-- it will be 2 hours or less (see the checklist ) but the larger package, you'll eventually want to photograph everything. 

Folks say this part is "surprisingly easy." 
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Up Level Your Work Looks

No guesswork required- know exactly what to wear (and purchase). 

Make packing easy

Done for you outfits from phone-to-real life

After Instantly Outfitted you'll:

Feel and look put together (but not like you tried too hard)

Have stress-free mornings because you no longer have to think about what to wear

Walk out the door confidently in your hand-picked head-to-toe outfits

Ready to stress less about what to wear so you can focus on what matters?


I want these outfits! What now?

Purchase below and you'll be notified of next steps. We'll schedule our first meet and greet call via Zoom so I can make sure we know what outfits you need. 
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It sounds like part of this entails photographing my current wardrobe, I assume that this is individual pictures of everything, including accessories?

You are correct!  It seems the average of most women that I’ve worked with tends to be 150 pieces.  I would plan 1.5 to two hours total. (This varies obviously if you have a much bigger wardrobe it will take you longer!)

Photographing the pieces goes surprisingly quickly. 
If you have a big closet (raises hand), I suggest doing it in chunks of time per category of items ( Tops |  Bottoms | Accessories | Shoes) 

I want to wait a season, when is best to start?

With the annual subscription option you’ll have 20 Outfits at your fingertips three different times a year so you never have to think about what to wear again.

Never again think about what to wear, you’ll have outfits all year long!

Do you have photography guidelines?


There are no strict guidelines but I do suggest you find a clean space, like the back of a door for example tends to be the easiest/fastest.I’m using the Stylebook Closet App, is this any different? 

Can I upload later if/when I have new things?

Yes!  You do not need to email me your photos to upload, you can do this easily. I’m simply uploading for folks to make their lives easier.  

You can add anytime!

How do I know which Instantly Outfitted to choose?

The main differences are the amount of outfits and shopping. 

Check out the handy chart comparison below:

Different options of Instantly Outfitted