Capsule Your Closet in 3 Easy Steps Magazine by Hanna Donnelly

Stylish, effortless outfits right from your closet

What if you could have less wardrobe but more outfits? Here's how. 

You’ve heard of a capsule closet but you have no clue where to begin and you’re distracted by all the options. 

Here's the truth-- when you discover how to build a capsule closet you will mix and match to create endless outfits. 

Streamline your wardrobe so getting dressed is a breeze

In three simple steps you can capsule your closet plus use my stylist secrets to unleash your creativity.

Capsule Your Closet in 3 Easy Steps

Imagine being able to get dressed in the dark and look completely put together and feel stylish.  

Yes it’s possible! With a capsule collection (a group of mix and match wardrobe) getting dressed will never be easier and you’ll have outfits at the ready. 

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+ 4 Weekend Packing Guides to Make Your Packing Life Easier Than Ever

By the end of these guides you'll:


  • Unleash newfound creativity and how to repurpose your wardrobe to get more use out of it 
  • Stop grab-and-go shopping.  Discover the two E’s to know before you go shopping ever again.
  • Discover and implement the HLS fan-favorite fashion “rule” you can implement now for immediate results 
  • Four proven capsule collections you can copy right now (and you probably already own most of these pieces!) 
  • Pack efficiently and quickly with these four weekend getaway guides


Easy and effortless packing? Yes please! 

Each guide includes up to 10 outfit combinations for you to copy. 
  • Work weekend
  • Summer weekend
  • Summer weekend with kids
  • Fall weekend

Weekend Getaway Packing Checklist: Summer

  • No guesswork required checklist (you already own most, if not all!)
  • 10 Outfit combinations to copy 

Weekend Getaway Packing Checklist: Kid Friendly

If you're traveling with kids, this mini capsule is kid-friendly. It will allow you to chase, tumble and run after if needed.

(But still looking chic and put together of course!)

Weekend Getaway Packing Checklist: Fall

  • No guesswork checklist
  • Outfit combinations (list+ photos included)

Weekend Getaway Packing Checklist: Work

  • Checklist
  • 10 outfit combinations to copy

Capsule Your Closet in 3 Easy Steps Magazine

Capsule your closet + discover four weekend getaway packing checklists 

Hi! I'm Hanna

I’m just a gal with a love for wardrobe and a serious bookworm.

I alternate between business, self-help + empowerment, young love and murder mysteries.

You too? Good. I love working with fellow book crazy people that can get lost in a great story. 

I get to dress you for your multifaceted life.  From CEO-level-ready, date nights or casual lunches with friends. Just like your full bookshelf---your life is full and if you’re anything like me, it’s heavenly. 

My greatest joy (other than reading for hours until my eyes blur) is handing you a wardrobe and outfits that takes the stress out of getting dressed and makes you say “That was so easy to look so good!”

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