Accessories 101: How to Accessorize Like a Pro by Hanna Donnelly

Accessories 101: How to Accessorize Like a Pro

Learn from a stylist how to accessorize without becoming a walking J.Crew ad 

  • Discover your jewelry uniform in 3 simple steps
  • Layer necklaces like a pro
  • Which shoes will elongate your look in seconds (no heels here!)
  • Where to belt & which sizes to buy
  • The #1 scarf fabric to purchase & why
  • 7 easy videos how to tie your scarf to look stylish in seconds
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Discover your jewelry uniform

Find your jewelry uniform with this super simple 2 step formula. 

Wear. Repeat. Look stylish! 

Belts 101

Discover two favorite sizes, where to wear and some fun new ways to stylishly wear belts! 

Make a statement

Whether it's your favorite belt or your standout necklace, learn how to get more use out of the jewelry you own! 

Layering 101

Layer your necklaces like a pro with this super easy stylist secret. 

Scarves 101

What size, fabric and easy scarf ties (video!)

What shoe do I wear with..

One of the most common q's asked and answered (I think you'll be pleasantly surprised..)

Easy Scarf videos so you can look stylish in seconds!

Accessories 101: How to Accessorize Like a Pro

Client Love!

"OMG I love that I learned something new today!"
Kelly M.
"Every time I see scarves now I think,how would Hanna wear this?"
Katie, The Gourmet Goddess
"I traveled Paris with this look and I love it!"
Lynette R.
"Adding my scarf today!"
Stacy, Semi-Crunch Mama

Hi, I'm Hanna!

Hanna has been a personal wardrobe stylist for over a decade and has worked on set of TV commercials with companies like Pepsi, McDonald’s, Kraft and more but now exclusively works one-on-one with private clients.

Hanna helps professional women look put-together quickly so they can spend their time where it matters most. 

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